Travel Insurance policy covers certain unexpected costs that may arise when travelling, such as emergency hospital/medical costs, trip cancellation, lost baggage and accidental death insurance. Many countries require travellers to purchase travel insurance, before issuing visas.

The rates for individual cover are determined by the length of stay, the destination country and the age of individual at departure. Travel insurance cover offers comprehensive cover and the benefits of this type of cover are available to individuals, families, groups, frequent travellers and students travelling abroad for studies.

We will require the following in order to prepare your travel policy :-

  1. Full names as per passport
  2. Date of birth: dd/mm/yy
  3. Traveling to
  4. Dates of travel :from: say —-/08/2012 to —- /08/2012
  5. Passport No
  6. Telephone No
  7. Name of next of kin

Our Corporate Travel Policy also covers unexpected costs that may arise when members of your company staff or Directors are travelling such as :-

  1. Emergency
  2. Hospital/medical costs
  3. Trip cancellation
  4. Lost baggage and
  5. Accidental death insurance